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Feedback from our Clients

This is what clients have said:-

I'd already been to counselling twice before and in desperation came to Reality. I knew where my issues came from but it was only here that I learned what to do about them. Changed my life. Thank you.


‘You helped my teenage daughter through a crisis and helped us to move forward as a family.’


‘Sexual abuse as a child had really messed me up. Coming to Reality was a turning point.’


‘I believe my children would be without their mother if it hadn’t been for the help I received through you’


‘We had filed for divorce when a friend recommended that we tried Reality. Four years later we’re still together and we’re happy! I also found the confidence to start my own business.'


‘Good service. Very helpful. I learned skills that helped me in my career and my personal life’


‘My phobias were ruining my life and my families as well. Thank you for setting me free’


‘The experience was helpful, positive and an investment in my future. I would wholeheartedly recommend Reality to any one in need of direction in their life’


Him: ‘it was alright but we could have sorted it ourselves’

Her: ‘I can’t believe you said that!’


‘The counsellor was able to walk around in my head. That should have been scary but it was reassuring. I sorted so much stuff out I can’t believe it’


‘I only went to keep my wife happy, but I wish I’d gone years ago’

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